Mini jack patch cables

Accu cable rc46 6 ft dual rcas to dual 14 jack patch cord all cables are manufactures to strict specifications and use premium materials to insure great connections, shielding and reliability. Mpsmps3st comprehensive standard series cables provide exceptional value while still providing legendary comprehensive quality and reliability. A nice bag filled with very solid patchcables coloured in mutable instruments style 5x black aprox. Product title 3 rca male jack to 6 rca female plug. When you shop online at gear4music, every cable comes with a two year. Both of these value packs contain eight 17 cables and are individually colored so you wont have any trouble keeping track of everything you plug in. Patch cables when putting together a pedalboard, patch cables are among the most important components required. These jacks are an alternative to the keystonestyle modules. Networking patch cables hdmi cable, home theater accessories, hdmi products, cables, adapters, videoaudio switch, networking, usb, firewire, printer toner, and more.

If theres one patch cable that every hobbyist or anyone with audio equipment used to have stacked up in drawers, boxes and cabinets, it was the male to male mini plug cable. Specifically design for quality computer audio applications, it works with selected pc sound card, speaker, headset, portable cd players and microphone with smaller 2. It is also a good idea to have a few extra cables in your inventory in case. Help mould our service to your needs with your rating. This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. Modular synth patch cable at europes largest retailer of musical instruments fast delivery, 30day moneyback guarantee and 3year thomann warranty. Make the most of the limited space in your network infrastructure with mini cat6 patch cables. Tvs meet hifi systems to become home theatre, and ondemand video online m. Hopscotch patch cables patch cables analog audio hosa cables. For performance designed to last the lifetime of your cabling system, choose black box.

We are the leading supplier of connectivity solutions to musicians and audio professionals. Hosa is the top choice for audio and video cables, adapters and other accessories. Connecting your pedals together, these neat little cables can keep your setup concise and manageable. Use your own debit or credit card, enjoy fast and free shipping, and add hosa patch cables to your creative setup. Cat6a patch cables monoprice slimrun cat6a ethernet patch cable snagless rj45, utp, pure bare copper wire, 10g, 30awg, 7ft, blue, 10pack 386. American musical supply is excited to be your stop for hosa patch cables. Patch cables 14 to 14, 14 to rca, rca to rca, xlr to. Patch cables 14 to 14, 14 to rca, rca to rca, xlr to 14 patch cables for home studio, pedalboards, live sound reinforcement, and general audiovideo use. Accu cable dual rca to dual 14 jack patch cord 6 ft. Mono minijack patch cable, 20cm, 6 pack by gear4music pack of six mono 3. Professional mini jack cables designed for a lifetime use in the studio and on the stage. Modular synth patch cable at europes largest retailer of musical instruments.

Create a mult anywhere with tiptop audios stackcable eurorack patch cables. Mini cat6a ethernet cables manufactured by falcon technologies, inc. Hopscotch patch cables are the perfect solution for modular synthesizers equipped with mono mini jacks. Product title mini jack mm audio cable 4x35mm3 4xem 3ft 3. Accu cable dual rca to dual 14 jack patch cable 12 ft. Mini jack to xlr cables provide a bridge between consumer audio devices and professional audio devices. Looks good in a dark studio or dark live performance. At gear4music we have over a thousand cables in stock. These mini cat6 patch cables offer the same blazingfast speeds as standard cat6 patch cable but in a much smaller diameter cable which will save critical space in your networking infrastructure. Pro audio cables patch cables xlr professional audio cables. Check out multi packs of trs cables like the live wire trstrs balanced patch cables 8pack and the musicians gear trs trs patch cable 8pack. This cable is designed to interconnect audio devices with stereo and mini stereo phone jacks.

Shop the best selection of instrument cables, speaker cables, microphone cables, and more at samash. Cat6 mini patch cable 1 ft, blue, booted computer cable store. Perfect for synths, patch bays and guitar pedal boards. Before selecting one of these cables, you should first understand the specific standards and the equipment that uses them. Its a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at. Stereo audio 18 mini plug male to male patch cable 3feet. Korg sqcable6 75cm mini jack patch leads with two adaptors pack of 6. Mini cat6 red manufactured by falcon technologies, inc. Some microphone cables have a trs, mini plug,or usb connector on the delivery end for plugging directly into a computer sound card, daw, or digital recording device. Patch cables at europes largest retailer of musical instruments fast delivery, 30day moneyback guarantee and 3year thomann warranty. Cat7 patch cables monoprice entegrade series cat7 double shielded sftp ethernet patch cable snagless rj45, 600mhz, 10g, 26awg, 0.

Cat6 mini patch cable 10 ft, black, booted computer cable. Mini jack cables and a great range of products at great prices available at rubber monkey. Bittree offers a wide variety of patchbay patch cables options for all your video, audio, data, and special application needs. From xlr cables and speaker cables, to lighting cables and audio cables. Panduits mini com cat5e jacks are designed to be used only with panduits mini com patch panels, surfacemount boxes, and wall plates. Panduit minicom cat6 jacks falcon technologies, inc.

Here is the place to buy the mini jack cable that is best for your needs. Youll get highperformance copper and fiber cabling solutions for structured cabling systems, data centers, industrial environments, multimedia systems, datacom connections, and more, including custom cables. The pigtail mono mini jack gives users the ability to. They are ideal for use with modular synthesizers and sound modules. Mono minijack patch cable, 20cm, 6 pack by gear4music at. In addition to connecting a microphone to a sound system, mic cables are often used as longer, balanced patch cablesfor example connecting a mixing board to powered speakers.

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