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Identify elements of the fantasy genre with this short video lesson. These handson book reports are sure to enhance any genre study and engage. Our everyday world is at times quite predictable and mundane. As you can see, the genre of fantasy is quite large and it would not be feasible to. Two matrices grade level reading genre sequence appendix b and grade level writing genre sequence appendix c, display where each of the genre appears in michigan s. Fanatsy and fairytale card game play go fish or memory. Fantasy literature, character, setting, story teaching. Genre lesson slide show lesson on genre and subgenre.

Like science fiction, superheroes, martial arts, or any other major genre, fantasy has several major subgenres, each with its own distinct themes, features, conventions, and elements. Furthermore, genres could only be called thematically specific in such a broad sense that it would become uninteresting in any thorough study of a genre or field of. Included is a powerpoint presentation explaining the specific characteristics of the fantasy genre. Often includes gods or goddesses who interact with humans. Pupils read about fantasy and explore books that fit into the genre. The idea that the magical can happen in the midst of the ordinary is fantastic. The fantastic, a related word, also describes something that is imaginary and unrealistic. Then they will great an advertisment for that text entising other students to read it.

See more ideas about genre lessons, teaching reading and library lessons. Tannys lessons use everyday objects, works of art, music, and her muchloved anchor charts to help readers get acquainted with seven commonly taught genres and. Readytogo genre book reports public schools of robeson. Theres a whole other world out there by karlene mcgowen what this unit will teach. Set in the future or on other planets, has aliens, robots, andor futuristic technology. Elements of fantasy teaching fantasy, writing fantasy. Ask students to name books theyve read that fit into this genre.

Middle school lesson in english language arts what is genre. Multigenre books and multigenre research is encouraged as a way to allow students to write and use a. Some other subgenres are animal fantasy, light fantasy, and humorous fantasy. This article will explain the benefits of reading different genres and share ideas for lessons and activities to help teachers inspire and motivate their students to read a variety of genres. Genre and subgenre north palos school district 117. Genre study genre study, teaching fantasy, fantasy books. They then discuss the relationship between fantasy and. Use these discussion cards to get your young readers talking about the. The word fantasy refers to an illusion or an imaginative idea. Fantasy is a genre of speculative fiction set in a fictional universe, often inspired by real world myth and folklore. Children may recognize many of their favorite titles and authors within the fantasy genre, but what is fantasy exactly. Fantasy genre discussion cards engage your students in conversation about their reading. Fantasy really makes the phrase escape with a good book meaningful. Learners study the elements of fantasy in fiction as a whole group by dissecting fiction stories.

Literary genres fib, figment, fake, fiction false, fantasy, fable, fairy tale, fictitious, fabricated, phony, fraud myth elements may explain how something in nature looks or works example. There are other genres that are frequently included with fantasy, such as fairytales, folklore and myths. Factors in choosing texts appendix focuses on considerations for selecting texts for classroom use. Seventh grade lesson learning the genre of fantasy with. Each group will be given a sample text to figure out which type of genre it is. Although it is its own distinct genre, these films can overlap into the horror and science fiction genres. Unlike science fiction, a fantasy film does not need to be rooted in fact. Strange stories, there was a method to their madness. This lesson includes ten practice problems at the end to help you informally assess your students. As its name suggests, the literary genre of fantasy refers to stories filled with imaginary and unrealistic elements. Although all fantasy subgenres tend to share the three factors described above, and sometimes two or more subgenres mix together, for gaming purposes it helps. Teach common core state standards in realistic fiction writing and reading with this month long unit of study.

Take a look at the fantasy genre in this second lesson plan for a wizard of earthsea by ursula k. How to teach genres in elementary school the benefits of. Its roots are in oral traditions, which then became fantasy literature and drama. See more ideas about genre study, middle school literature and teaching. Given a test, the students will to match each genre to the correct definition with 100% accuracy. Improve your students reading comprehension with readworks. Powerpoint presentation for 5 lessons on fiction genres including realistic fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, mystery, and fantasy, exit ticket for each genre.

Plot, setting, characters, magical characters, stylemoodtone, theme, magic unique to this genre of fantasy. Students will respond to fractured fairy tales by writing in many styles, including a persuasive essay, a personal narrative, a letter of complaint, an advertisement, and even a resume. Michigans genre project clarifying genre study and. These themes usually involve magic, supernatural events, or fantasy worlds. The main focus of the advertisment is to highlight the genre. In this story elements lesson plan, students work through a handout about fantasy to point out the elements that point to the story being fantasy. Ideal for year 7 groups in giving them a grounding in different types of text, this may be used as a refresher for other year groups. Genre connections makes learning achievable, accessible, and incremental for all readersincluding struggling readers.

The fantasy world is vividly and convincingly described, regardless of how fantastical it may be. From fantasy novel studies to informational text lessons, weve collected materials for every genre in your curriculum. This cloze worksheet looks at witches and wizards, which are characters in the fantasy genre. Fantasy stories activities lesson plan template and teaching resources. Continue the genre lessons until the examples of different genre are completed. The lessons are designed around a reading workshop framework and use genre in this case fantasy to frame the reading curriculum. Included are 2 pdf pages listing the story elements of. Stories include fantasy, make believe, and often magic. White, the once and future king, lessons from fantasy, fantasy, fantasy quotes, fantasy book quotes, quote, quotes, revenge, past, future. From the twentieth century it has expanded further into various media, including film, television, graphic novels, manga and video games.

Each day choose an oceanthemed book from a different genre to read and emphasize. Make your own genre crossword puzzle activity create a crossword puzzle with clues for the following 20 genre related terms. It includes 40 lessons all linked to ccss, chart examples, and much more. Put together text sets of historical fiction, realistic fiction, fantasy, and traditional literature using appendix a from genre. Fantasy film is a genre that incorporates imaginative and fantastic themes. After we have read the story, students will a clip of the film version of the sound of thunder to see additional craft moves the author directorscreen play writer made in the movie.

This fantasy genre unit for grades 56 includes 20 mini lessons, 20 reading prompts, 11 extension activities, and 19 read alouds for grades five and six. Access thousands of highquality, free k12 articles, and create online assignments with them for your students. Students will be asked to turn and talk about the craft moves the author of this movie made and how they could use that in their writing throughout the story. I have used this powerpoint for my 3rd grade genre unit but it is applicable to genre units in 24th grades. Genre bingo mystery fantasy historical fiction biography informational traditional literature biography informational realistic fiction science fiction science. Each poster will feature a movie from a different subgenre. This teaching blog post describes how to teach genres in an elementary classroom. Teaching with fiction and nonfiction books is the foundational text of the genre study suite.

Many of the themes of fantasy can be reflected in the contemporary genre but the setting and the characters extend beyond the confined of realistic. Fanatsy and fairytale card game play go fish or memory with this fantasy and fairytale themed deck of cards. Modern fantasy requires the willing suspension of disbelief. Libraries may place genre stickers on the spines to make selection easier. Examples are given as the common examples for each element.

This genre lesson will help you teach your students about fiction, nonfiction, drama, folklore, and their various subgenres. While the early cycle of stories suffer from an overreliance on fu manchu as the villain to levels that rival baron mordo in the early leediko dr. Students will be able to define and understand the terms. In this episode of the writers digest podcast, literary power couple jeff vandermeer and ann vandermeer discuss the benefits of existing between the literary and genre fiction divide, the art and science of deep reading, and their own processes to craft and edit an. You can read excerpts, especially from the beginnings of the books, to point out important characteristics of each genre style. Genre lesson 2 an awesome and animated powerpoint slide show explaining genres and subgenres of literature. A span of a few heartbeats can make for a greater memory than the sum of a mundane year. In this story elements lesson, students work through a handout about fantasy to point out the elements that point to the story being fantasy. This threepage worksheet helps children better contextualize and understand this fiction genre by sharing passages from three wellknown fantasy authors. This unit will introduce students to several different writing genres. The genre is demonstrated through film clips and students are encouraged to write a. The blowback from sax rohmer fans which started in the pages of the. Characters are well developed and behave in believable ways. Fantasy stories noticings a make believe story there are magical places magical things happen animals might act like humans animals might wear clothes there might be monsters, aliens or dinosaurs animals might be extinct in real life there can be events that cant happen.

Have students brainstorm a list of characteristics and add to it as needed. As a teacher you want your students to read and experience a wide variety of literary genres, but often it is hard to get them interested in straying from their usual book choices. Introduce the genre with a discussion about its characteristics. Students study the elements of fantasy in fiction as a whole group by dissecting fiction stories. This miniunit of work provides an introduction to literary and film genres. Invite a school librarian to give a book talk that features books in the genre and then add these and other books to a classroom display.

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